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Isp24 - app serviços digitais

Published on the November 07, 2022 in IT & Programming

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Caros, boa noite,

Nosso projeto é o desenvolvimento de um APP em flutter ou alguma outra tecnologia que seja possível obter acesso aos recursos nativos dos dispositivos móveis como câmera, leitor facial ou outros.

Phase 1

Below we describe the app's basic information and log in process:

app's name: isp24
environment to be used: we're a tech company in brazil that offers solutions to isps (internet service provider) in a b2b model. In case, our customers should be the ISP, and they should provide through this app services to their customers in a B2C model;
Goal:  ISP's customers should execute/request some services on the app;
Authentication - users should be able to log in using a document and their birthdate or phone number; if the app recognizes the document entered by the user in the contract's table, the user can choose between google or facebook to login easily next time.
After the log in, users should select the contract, because a user could have multiple contracts;
Based on the contract, an isp custom logo should be shown to the user and the isp details such as name, address, phone number.
We are going to provide each api returning json with the data to be handled in the app.
We are going to provide some mockups showing what we expect of each screen. 

Below we describe each service that should be available to the customers in the app channel after user login, following their priority. We describe each requirement specifying how it should work:

Sign a contract - user should be able to open a pdf linked to his contract, read it and sign the document in each page. The app should get the operation's datetime, gps position and should request a photo of the user signing the pdf. All this data should be sent to a server to be stored in our database;
Request a financial invoice - users should be able to see their financial invoices, choose one and get the barcode or qr code to pay it. For now, we don't need credit card payments;
Reset their connection - this is a screen where users could reset their connections when they are facing connection issues. Basically, it needs to execute a url script on our server, but users should be able to follow the process through the app.

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