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Published on the June 12, 2019 in Writing & Translation

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evaluation report

institution name: fisio resistencia muscular e saude ltda
country: brazil
category: entrepreneurial
evaluation date: june 10, 2019


In the city of Houston, Texas, the past month of May. WORLDCOB’s evaluation committee had a monthly meeting in order to evaluate 200 companies and Institutions for the bizz awards.

The bizz is awarded by the world confederation of businesses – worldcob in order to recognize outstanding businesses and businesspeople from more than 120 countries.

2.    HISTORY:

Last May 03, 2019 our office received an email from Mrs. Dennise Villacorta asking for the results and information of fisio resistencia muscular e saude ltda evaluation for the bizz. After that, we put that request in our work agenda for this week.

3.    Evaluation process:

we have a research team that compiles data from around the world on businesses such as yours. Below is the list of sources and references they use:

•    Market Research companies hired by us (such as kompass and zawya) that compile statistical data on business growth and outstanding companies that belong around the world, including europe, africa and asia.
•    Public Relations companies which provide references through their media and network sources.
•    Data from more than 100 different chambers of commerce from around the world, including the American Chamber of Commerce.
•    References from our own members, which amount to over 3,500 companies in 120 countries.

The research team forwards the data to WORLDCOB’s Evaluation Committee, which then screens the data and matches it against a Business Excellence Questionnaire (https://worldcob.formstack.com/forms/business_excellence_questionnaire).
In order to better understand the process, attached you will find more information on the selection process.  Their review is based on a one hundred-point scale, which uses the following Business Excellence criteria to determine award eligibility:

•    Managerial Leadership
•    Management Systems
•    Quality in Goods and/or Services
•    Managerial Creativity and Innovation
•    Social Responsibility

Companies and institutions that receive 90 points or more are considered to have achieved Business Excellence and are thus selected to receive the world’s most important business recognition, the bizz.

In order to give all details, we will explain you how may points there are per category and additional information of why we consider that points.

3.1.    Business Leadership:

fisio resistencia muscular e saude ltda is represented by dr. Reinaldo Musialowski; physiotherapist specialized in sports training, sports physical therapy, orthopedic traumatology, health and physical education; with more than 20 years of experience.

The company has a very strong image from the neighbors and the local media accredits its leadership and work.

Points: 25

3.2.    Administrative Procedures:

Their procedures: Administrative, quality and control, are 100% effective and with business excellence.

The company has a website for more than 8 years and it is updated.

Points: 10

3.3.    Quality in goods and services:

The clinic plans to expand to other cities such as Sao Paulo or Curitiba.

Internal Labor Context: Employees

The company promotes the professional development of its employees with trainings periodically. This highlight the professionalism with which they conduct themselves, ensuring a highly qualified team of professionals committed to provide a service that is also focused on customer satisfaction, thus offering a timely service as well as quality materials and infrastructure.

External Context: Customers

The company facilitates through its website the information of each specific service provided, as well as the equipment used.

The website shows testimonies of appreciation and recommendations to the services given, by athletes and clients in general.

Points: 15

3.4.    Managerial Creativity and Innovation:

Dr. Reinaldo Musialowski developed two projects where recommendations are given to implement new practices as well as improving the performance of the Fire Department of Rio de Janeiro.

Points: 10

3.5.    Social Responsibility:

The company supports high performance athletes who do not have financial or governmental support through functional evaluations of skeletal muscle and physiotherapeutic and/or preventive treatments; encouraging their participation in national and international competitions.

Points: 20

3.6.    Achievements and Results:

fisio resistencia muscular e saude ltda has been awarded by the ancec - agência nacional de cultura, empreendedorismo e comunicação as the best health establishment in the clinical category of physiotherapy in 2016

adittionaly, the latin american quality institute conferred an award on 2016 recognizing management transparency, quality of services provided in the physiotherapy and sports rehabilitation area, social actions in the sports field, investment in employee knowledge and business technology.

Points: 12

4.    Committee decision:

in general terms, the company has an outstanding behavior according the evaluation criteria.

The final points for fisio resistencia muscular e saude ltda in this questionnaire were 92 points. This means that they are considered winners of the bizz awards.

          Daniel Javier                                       Michael L. Bellido
Director of Quality & CSR                               Vice President
          WORLDCOB                             WORLDCOB

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