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Tomás C.

Trabajo para que funcione

Completed projects: 3

Soy responsable y emprendedor. Disfruto desarrollar y hacer que las cosas funcionen. Siempre dispuesto a participar con creatividad y fiel a los acuerdos.

Mauricio M. d. A.

Desenvolvimento Web e Mídias Sociais

Completed projects: 17

Atuo como desenvolvedor deste meados de 2009.
Busco compreender o problema do cliente, e a partir de então aplicar as tecnologias mais novas e avançadas para solucionar seus problemas da melhor forma possível.

Hourly rate: R$ 50.00

Ivan A.

Senior Software Engineer

Completed projects: 1

I am 33-year-old software engineer based in Tijuana, MX. I am an experienced modern web developer with advanced front-end and intermediate backend knowledge. I love building high-quality products, learn new technologies and use them in practice. I have a marketing background and understand business-oriented solutions.
- Expert in Javascript and can create web/mobile experiences. I have worked with Angular, Ember, and Backbone.
- NodeJS API Development using any framework.
- Experience with Python using Django and Pyramid as a framework but feel more comfortable using Django.
- My solution will be API oriented for backend so you can create X number of client to consume your resources.

Hourly rate: USD 12.00