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We are searching for a freelancer to develop a mobile App compatible with Android, to accompany our online news outlet. We are looking for someone who can communicate in English and/or Spanish. The App will be mostly, if not entirely, in Spanish.

We have some ideas, but are open to input from the developer. A key skill needed to do the job well is the ability to understand how technology works in areas of little-to-no connectivity.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me. Please include any relevant prior work experiences. Thank you.

Category: IT & Programming
Subcategory: Mobile
Is this a project or a position?: A project
I currently have: I have an idea
Experience in this type of project: No (I haven't managed this kind of project before)
Required availability: As needed
API Integrations: Social media (Facebook, Twitter, etc)
Required platforms: Android

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