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Published on the January 22, 2023 in Sales & Marketing

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I have written a book, in English, and it is in the process of being published.

I need a management proposal for its sale.

Currently, marketing for writers starts from a different base: the segmentation of the public. Now the advertising content about a product is directed towards the sector of the audience most interested in that particular product.
How can I connect with people interested in my book?
How do I generate engagement and create an emotional bond with my readers?

How to create the best literary content: a step-by-step guide
#one. Provide useful information
#2. Write a blog about the book
#3. Create content in list format
#4. Literary content on Facebook
#5. Create content the book for Instagram
#6. Long content is better
#7. Write content for search engines
#8. Make calls to action
#9. Discover search intentions
#10.Synergy between contents
#11.Expand old blog content
Create content to sell the book
#one. Don't spam!
#2. Know the literary niche (genre and ideal reader)
#3. Consume literary content from other authors

Main platforms to publish books
1. Amazon KDP.
2. Smashwords.
3.Apple Books (operating in 51 countries), Barnes & Noble, Scribd, Kobo, FNAC, etc.

Option 1:
Amazon: the king of self-publishing.

One of the characteristics that Amazon is more competitive with than other book publishing platforms is that its system is easy to use, it is "friendly" with the user, it does not require such a demanding publishing process and it even accepts that the files of your book are in Microsoft Word.

But the main difference between Amazon and other platforms is that it allows you to edit in e-books and also on paper, something that you can't do at Casa del Libro or at Smashwords. This difference gives the author the competitive advantage of publishing worldwide in e-books and on paper in the 7 countries where Amazon has printers: Spain, France, Germany, the United States, the United Kingdom, Italy and Japan. Printing is done on demand and the book is sent by postal mail to the buyer's address.

Option 2

Smashwords does work. To be part of the premium catalog, your book only has to meet some formal requirements in its layout.

The multiplicity of online stores available in the Smashwords premium catalog is a very interesting option for Hispanic authors living in the United States, but also for Spanish authors who want to achieve greater visibility through a global showcase: think about Apple devices they have a significant market and millions of people search iTunes daily.

Another notable advantage of Smashwords, perhaps the main one, is that it allows you to publish your book for free indefinitely. Publishing free books is an excellent strategy to add value to your potential readers, who can freely access a sample of your work. You can take advantage of this opportunity to include in your e-book links to your social networks or to sites that sell your other books.

One more argument in favor of Smashwords is that it accepts PayPal to pay royalties, one of the easiest systems to send and receive money on the internet, without the need for checks or bank accounts.
Authors receive 85% of the net sales of their works for sales on Smashwords.
Distributed in major stores.

Although less than Smashwords, and the author can choose which one to publish on:
Apple Books
Barnes & Noble
Kobo (including Kobo Plus)
baker taylor
After many years working in the e-book market and having tried the different platforms available, I recommend using Amazon, mainly. Its popularity, its flexible layout system and the ability to simultaneously edit e-books and paper make it the best option.

*But you have to combine Amazon with the Smashword platform,
when writing in Spanish to be able to sell in the US market.

  The hard part is getting the money. The only safe way is to have a US checking account with Payoneer.

Send me your best offer for sales management.

All the best,


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