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Consultoría sobre integración de Paypal

Published on the October 23, 2022 in IT & Programming

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Estamos evaluando la integración de Paypal a un servicio que estamos armando. Necesitamos conversar con un especialista en Paypal, que tenga conocimientos tanto técnicos (sobre el API de Paypal) como operativos y requerimientos de cumplimiento.

Dejo abajo las preguntas que necesito que me contesten (en inglés ya que estamos trabajando internacionalmente). Si crees que puedes responder todas o la mayoría de ellas, esperamos tu oferta. En principio sólo necesitamos 45 minutos de consultoría por video llamada para discutir estos puntos.

We’re building a platform where  we need to allow our users to receive payments from other users. So we’d like to implement PayPal for that since it’s the most popular service worldwide.

In other words, the user receiving the funds should, in some way, accept / connect our application to his / her PayPal account, with the required scopes.

We need to build this integration using PayPal’s API. So we’d like to learn more about PayPal’s API features, limitations and requirements. We have the following technical and administrative / compliance questions:

1. Is there any formal requisite to use PayPal’s API in this way? For context, we’re a company incorporated in Delaware (LLC)

2. If the user grants our application with the right permissions, is it possible for us to generate a recurrent payment link on behalf of the user?

So if user A wants to receive a payment from user B, we’ll generate a recurrent payment link, the user B pays, and we’ll be notified that the payment was successful (so we can give user B what he bought).

It’s important to emphasize that we need to be notified each time the payment is successful (or fails) to be able to proceed.

3. If we as a platform wanted to earn a 10% commission, how could we implement that?
I mean, user B pays $10 to user A. But user A actually receives $9 and we - company - $1.
What’s the best way to implement that?
Can we split the transaction to have two recipients, or allow user A to receive $10 and then transfer $1 to ourselves on behalf of the user?

4. Which type of account should we open to operate like that?
I mean, Integrating our application and also receiving 10% of all transactions.

5. Is it possible to receive payments with different currencies using PayPal? I’m particularly interested in receiving USD, Euros, GBP, Mexican Pesos and Brazilian Real.

What happens if user B lives in Spain and has Euro set as currency, and wants to pay user A that sets a price in GBP? Does PayPal handle currency exchange transparently?

6. Any other comment, suggestion about these kinds of operations will be welcome.

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