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We are looking for content writers who are passionate about producing high quality and engaging content. You should have strong command of the English language, be creative, and come up with new ideas for posts.

You will specifically work on:
Writing creative and compelling articles for students moving to the U.S. for education
Taking the data and graphs from the data analytics team to create interesting storylines
Research topics that will interest Indians coming to the U.S. or currently here
Learn from content of other companies in this space and create similar content targeted at student population
Write content about life in the U.S. as an Indian (student or working professional)
Conduct interviews with borrowers and write their stories
Assuring consistency in terminology, voice, style, branding, and messaging throughout all communications

We are looking for passionate people who are creative, driven, enjoy writing content and want to make lives of millions of immigrants easier.
Bachelor’s degree in marketing, journalism, English, communications, or related field
Excellent command of the English language and writing skills
A passion to write highly engaging content that serves both the audience and the business goals of Stilt
Proven ability to create both creative and strategic concepts in a variety of styles and tones dependent on project objectives
Ability to work independently and also as a member of a team
Ability to organize time and to respond to deadline pressures
Interest in fintech industry or understanding of immigrant population is preferable
Experience in marketing and digital communication platforms preferred.
Understanding of the basics of SEO and how to utilize keywords in body and headline text preferred

Category: Writing & Translation
Subcategory: Content Writing
Is this a project or a position?: A project
Required availability: As needed

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