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Coordinate phone call meetings

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Presupuesto: Abierto
Publicado: Hace 3 años
Duración del proyecto: 3 - 4 meses
Horas requeridas: 15 horas por semana
Propuestas: 16
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Habilidades requeridas: Español Soporte Administr...

I am looking for a PA (personal assistant) to coordinate by phone the meetings for my business. Work can be done by phone. English is mandatory.
Spanish and other languages are preferable.
The job consists in the following 3 steps:
1. The PA will receive a name of a small-medium size company. Find out the contact details (phone, email, website) at the Internet.
2. Phone call the company to get the name and contact details (phone, email) of the CEO or person in charge.
3. Introduce yourself as the pa of the ceo of my company, and coordinate a time/date phone call between the ceo's.
The outcome of the job consists in giving me (1) the contact details of the ceo (2) finally having the phone call between the ceo and me.
An international phone service will be provided to the PA to make the call. Please, make a proposal based on results achieved, that means, a price in usd to be paid per coordinated and made call between the ceo and me.
Looking forward to your proposal.
Best regards,
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Rami O.
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