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Crear app de delivery para android y Ios con superadmin panel, and admin-vendor panel

Published on the April 28, 2020 in IT & Programming

About this project

USD 500 - 1,000

Please tell me how many days would take to finish this and final price you know ur job and work. Divide whole payment in 4-5 milestone
1st milestone  >>>  task finish and aproved
2nd milestone >>> 
3rd milestone >>>
4th milestone >>>
5th milestone and finish
need app for android and ios  (end-user cliente  and delivery person)  and also super-admin panel and admin restaurant panel. With this features

client end-user app
view all the restaurants or vendors by categories created by *superadmin * and choose category and vendor which one he would like to order sth..

For example    main menu > category *restaurants* > pasta restaurant > order lasagna
another example  main menu > category grocery stores > plazamkt > order fruit  xxx
create account - register - forget password? - login
-view menu of the restaurant - prices- delivery time - how many kms of distance
-place order  - delivery  or pick up (recojo en tienda)(depending of store if it is enable)
-gps track order
-invoice , checkout
- track order - view menu- place order
-after delivery is done - reviews, rating (0 to 5 stars) about delivery service and store order, feedback,etc

- covid free advice - correctly uniform?  (yes) or (no)
- covid free advice - runner estaba correctamente uniformado y cumplio con protocolo??? (si)  (no)  >>send information to super-admin

delivery person app
-create account- register - forget password - login
-auto-accept orders  on/off  (when turn on or off , send automatic alert message to super-admin  with current time)
-automatic alert covid free- esta completamente bien uniformado de acuerdo protocolo de bioseguridad? mascarilla (check box) (redecilla (check box) (alcohol spray) (check box)
(si, continuar) (no) -> alert message to super-admin

-control kms driven (calculator)(report automaticatly to super-admin)
-gps track
-profile  - email- mobile phone- profile picture-(rating)
-view all orders delivered with time that took
-when delivery person app arrives to the store/restaurant
(auto-message with 3 options to choose
1. Arrived early
2. Arrived on time?

Arrived late
-When the delivery person recieved the order from store (BUTTON)
1. I have the order and I am on way(ESPANOL Tengo la orden, estoy en camino)  2.( I have some problems with order could take some mins more) 
send automattic alert message to end-user (su pedido tomara unos minutos extra mas)  and  report alert message to super-admin.

- When the delivery person is close 1km to end-user place
autommatic message to end-user @delivery person is close!
(nuestro delivery-runner esta cerca)
- when the delivery person is on the place -
automatic button appears for press (order delivered -  orden entregada)  and send automaticaly a review/rating/feedback to (end-user)

-if work shift is done (8hours) > superadmin panel > can send a request for do overtime for ( x) hours (depends of superadmin, only superadmin can enable this)
(2buttons) will appear in delivery person app
(accept - aceptar) or (no thanks - no, gracias)  and option for security check box  *are you sure? estas seguro?* check box()


super admin panel
- password
- change password - sent to email and telephone
- forgot password - sent password to email and verify telephone code

-like example in the top above… and adding this features is important all features because in my country are very demanding and control everything.

Superadmin - recieves alert message when delivery-person(turn on/off auto-accept orders)
superadmin – gps tracking of delivery persons - control
superadmin – should have  km calculator driven per each delivery person (per shift and total) while they turn on (auto-accept order - start workshift)and finish calculating when delivery person turn off autoaccept orders

superadmin panel- option enable/disable a delivery person to do overtime -  send request to delivery person> to do overtime for ( x) extra hours (depends of superadmin (number), only superadmin can request this)

(2buttons) will appear in delivery person app
(would you like to do ( x ) hours overtime?)
(quieres trabajar ( x ) horas extras
(accept - aceptar) or (no thanks - no, gracias)  and option for security check box  *are you sure? estas seguro?* check box()

add features  (like the link i gave in the top)
add product - category  - delete - edit
add product (no food type)
add category  (restaurant - fastfood-pharmacy - grocery store)
-delete -edit
add bussiness (name , choose category)

view products  (option add category)
view all products  by category

super admin should have the city management option
control delivery zone – enable disable zone.

Category IT & Programming
Subcategory Apps programming. Android, iOS and others
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Required platforms Android, iPhone
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Payment gateway Yes

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Skills needed

Android iPhone Responsive Web Design API iOS PHP

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