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Create Front End of Native Mobile Apps (Android & Ios) connect to Api & Back-end.

Published on the June 07, 2020 in IT & Programming

About this project


Project is to create an app that allows dance teachers to plan their dance moves. Back-end is done. You just need to create front-end and connect APIs.

Need a developer specialized in Front End work, building native apps (iOS & Android) and connecting APIs. Experience with OpenGL and C++ is a must.

You'll need to create the native screens (Android & iOS). Our back-end is done, you have to create the front-end that will interact with a C++ library. So you have to know how to interface with that.

And you have to make sure that this library can have access to a window inside the app. I believe the most important thing is that the C ++ part has to be able to control a window, draw in OpenGL ES, access events, etc. It is worth mentioning that the our backend dev is using SDL for this (libsdl.org)

You can find screens here: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1iUf9DQgG83DYfiLcADvdSI_WYc3JFti3

Focus solely on Android & iOS (Ignore the other items)

Below you can find the specification document detailing the ui/ux and also the apis and everything you need to know to complete your job successfully.


Category IT & Programming
Subcategory Apps programming. Android, iOS and others
What is the scope of the project? Create a new app
Is this a project or a position? Project
I currently have I have specifications
Required availability As needed
Required platforms Android, iPhone, iPad, Other

Delivery term: July 27, 2020

Skills needed