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Hello. I'm a worker that needs automate a process in my work app. I need a simple script working in background on my Android device or modify my work app.
I work app has a login screen, gps tracker, email, i can make calls, receive messages, offers screen, etc. In the offers screen is showed available job in different hour during the day. I need all I can get.
There are 3 steps: 1 - Button "refresh": look for blocks (jobs available) in the server. 2 - Jobs available is showed in the offers screen and I have to select it. 3 - Then, it'll showed more info about the job and I Have to press Accept button.
I want a background script with start/stop button or widget, using the original app conexion to automate these 3 steps. Or modify the app to skip pressing the buttons, just take the job automatically. I don't need interface, no login, no data base..
. I want to repeat of three commands skipping pressing buttons: refresh, pick all of the shift availables and accept all of them. I decompilated the apk, I found 3 xlm files with the communication process: Check offers, show info and accept. FYI: sorry but I don't have server information, apis, etc.
I'm independent contractor and I don't have access to informatic information. But you could find the url info in app files. I attached the link with a example video about how the offers screen works.






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