Developer con experiencia en Javascript/Html5/Css3 y Angular.js

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We're a Mexican company looking. We provide a web application to create online surveys backed by advanced analytics. We're looking for a developer with strong experience in web/mobile applications.
We offer the possibility to have a full-time job positioning in our growth-fast company.
We're re-designing our website and our web application continuously. We need a full-time developer for a 2 month project.
Strong experience in;
- Javascript, Angular.js
- PSD to HTML5
- Responsive design
1. We'll provide a PSD file to convert it to HTML5
2. We'll provide specific Javascript, task and actions to develop into the website.
3. We'll provide all the required materials such as logo, fonts, colors, images and more.
You must be able to work in a time framework, with very strong deadlines.\
For a reference, visit and sign up to see the platform.

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