Diseño arquitectura financiera

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The cfo will be responsible for providing overall strategic and operational direction to the company’s accounting, finance, facilities, and it functions. Additionally, he/she will assist the Chief Executive Officer and senior management team in establishing strategic financial plans, operating policies, and procedures to ensure the achievement of corporate objectives.
The responsibilities of the CFO include, but are not limited to:
Work across the executive team to deliver on Ooyala’s business goals and create tight cooperation and coordination between departments. Work closely with the product, services, and sales teams to drive customer satisfaction.
Lead the development and implementation of policies and practices to ensure accurate and timely financial reporting, compliance with all laws and regulations and safeguarding of the Company’s assets. Monitor on a regular basis compliance with such policies and report progress and issues.
Determine the structure and responsibilities of the finance, facilities, and IT organizations, including headcount planning and hiring. Continue to strengthen the finance function globally by developing real and actionable continuous process improvement plans and succession plans for all direct and indirect reports.
Establish annual financial goals commensurate with investor expectations and the long-term strategic goals of the Company. Translate these goals into an annual operating plan, which will include the development and deployment of a “bottoms up” budgeting process that provides true business unit-level P&L visibility.
Orchestrate the internal audit processes and internal teams to coordinate compliance activities with the Audit Committee.
Manage all investor relations activities; including current and future investors or partners.



Horas requeridas: 60 horas por semana




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