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Looking for a Pixel facebook expert.

One that can help us set up a flexible (for testing pursposes) webiste with a pixel built in it. example: we are going to create a new website. we do not need nothing fancy. focus on the pixel. because what we need is also your help to recomend/cocah to what exactly should we do. example. use clickfunnels, or leadpages.nt...or UNBOUNCE pages get the idea.

We want to perfect our facebook funnel for our Explainer Video production company.

Th site is currently made in wix but i think wix is a bad option for this. but i have vailable the domain wich we intend to use with the platform we recomend. to install all of the trackers needed so facebook can create high relevance, conversions etc.

*It would be great if you speak spanish. but if not english will help

Categoría: Marketing y Ventas
Subcategoría: SEM: Publicidad en Google; Facebook; etc
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