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Honduras Only: Report of land & house prices for Roatan, Honduras; past prices and projections

Published on the December 29, 2020 in Finance & Management

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I am looking for realtor or person with access to the MLS in Roatan, Honduras - as I believe this is the only place where the reliable data can be extracted from.

I need a property investment report for buying land lots and houses in Roatan Island, Honduras.

Here is my suggestion for the report format, but if you can add additional value, please feel free to do that.
For these categories:
1) Small land lots/parcels: less then 3000 m2 /0.72 acres; maximum allowed for foreign ownership
2) Larger land lots: 1 to 10 acres as land for potential subdivisions
3) Condos
3) Smaller single family homes: less then 150 m2 and 3 bedrooms
4) Larger single family homes: 150 - 300 m2
5) luxurious villas/mansions: larger then 300m2

For each category create a specific historical statistic of future projection:
a) 10 (or 5 if 10 is not available) years of historical price data
b) Price Impact of COVID situation in 2020
c) expected price projection for next 5 years

Please add your overall market summary if you can.

Thank you,

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Delivery term: January 05, 2021

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