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I need a very creative/realistic illustration for the cover of a book.
The work will consist on sending 2 sketchs (the author will define which one he likes more)+ final version with the corrections.
Please send: PORTFOLIO with examples of illustrations + required BUDGET + execution time


Information about the author and the book:
Tom Dieusaert is a 49-year old Belgian journalist and correspondent specialized in Latin America and currently living in Buenos Aires, Argentina.
Apart from many articles, he has written several books, the last one being “The Beetle Diaries”, which has sold some 7000 copies and has been translated from Dutch to Spanish and English. “The Beetle Diaries” dealt with the “man versus machine” paradox, a theme that is also present in his new book, Computer Crashes. This book focuses on airplane tragedies that are not due to a pilot error or a mechanical error, but caused by malfunctioning board computers.

The reason is that modern planes are controlled almost completely by computers, which reduces the pilot to a mere supervisor of a process, similar to what is happening with the Google or Tesla self-driving cars, with the important difference that a commercial jet flies at an altitude of 30.000 feet or more and many lives are at stake on each flight. Recovery in case of computer failure has proven to be very difficult, because many times pilots are not up to this complex task.

The author became interested in the subject in 2009, when a month before flying from South America to Europe with Air France, a plane of the same airline stalled and crashed in the Atlantic, apparently because of “failing speedometers”, an official explanation which did not convince, because the Airbus 330-200 was supposed to be one of the most sophisticated jets that could not stall.

In the book, the author interviewed pilots, family members of victims, specialized lawyers and investigators. The book is the result of a seven year-long investigation, in which the author got familiar with the sophisticated systems that govern commercial aircrafts today.


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