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This is a startup project for a Mobile App that includes web interface and user management.
It is a photo based App, that include some social features, photo indexing and database search. Also user management and photo upload. The web version will be only database search and user management.
App will also have to include an ad module so customers can adversite based on search results.  It will be  simple but robust.

I am looking for a development team that can take ownership of project, create a beta version that after tested can emerge as a version 1 of product. Team needs to remain active  for post launch support. As part of the team, looking for a Project Leader that can guide the team to accomplish project goals and meet project deadlines.

For now, I need to know in rough numbers, how much would this project cost, to be based in Costa Rica and location to be determined.

Mas detalles del proyecto:

* Requerimientos: - Mobile app for IOS and Android with database access, photo indexing, user management, social features and photo uoload
- Web interfce would only have search capabilities and user management.
- Need the team to be fluent english.
-  Experience building Mobile apps for IOS and android
- Experience un uploading apps to App store and Android marketplace.
- Ability to work under preassure
- HTML, SQL, PHP experience
- Leadership and teamwork

* Tipo de aplicación: Aplicación nueva

* Modo de ejecución de la aplicación: Aplicación autónoma

* Plataformas donde debe funcionar: iOS / Apple, Android

* Se requiere desarrollo del Look & Feel: Si

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