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Intuic is looking for an experienced software developer who can lead the creation of native and web iPhone applications.
It’s an independent contractor position, using virtual team management platform.
- BS in Computer Science or equivalent experience/skills
- Fluency in English language
- Proficient in C/C++/Java
- Possibility to work offsite from home
- Proficiency with SQL and the relational DBM
- Working experience with XHTML/HTML, JavaScript, CSS, XML, LAMP or other web technologies
- Prior iPhone/Cocoa working experience required
- Working experience with Objective–C / Cocoa / Cocoa Touch / Xcode
What We Value in our Developers:
- A genuine passion for software development
- Respect for development guidelines: Your code should not only work, it has to be created in a way that other people in the organization can understand and reuse

Freelancers que ya aplicaron para este trabajo

Douglas Z. P. Foco atual mobile development, IOS, ANDROID, Windows Phone 8 + detalles

Alessandro G. Analista desenvolvedor com experiência em desenvolvimento de aplicações em ambiente linux, também em diversas linguagens como PHP, HTML, SQL, Python, Javascripr, etc... Participação em projetos para organizações de gr... + detalles

João F. C. d. S. d. M. Profissional com facilidade em aprender, criativo, eficiente, trabalha bem tanto em equipe como sozinho, com boa flexibilidade de horário. + detalles

Alexander S. software engineer, web, mobile + detalles

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