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Libgdx - Character movement and animation

Published on the September 26, 2021 in IT & Programming

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I am starting the MMORPG game creation, I already have maps and sprites, so now I need to create the game base, animation, and movements.

At this first moment, I am looking for someone to create character movement and animation, each map's tile is 32-pixel in height and 32-pixel width. So the character needs to stay in the center of the tile, and when it receives a command, it should move to the next tile (up, down, left, or right) and to stay in the center too. (Movementation by the grid)

Each direction of movement of the character have three sprites, so when the character moves it should change the three sprint (animation)

Very important, sprites and velocity need dynamic because the velocity will be by level, so when level more high the velocity will be faster and sprites will be changed by the user.

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