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Hello All,
Hope You're Well :) , Now lets make it better together

Welcome to the Future world of EPIC & Good Vibes to you |

What I'm Currently looking for is Someone that's first and foremost a Team Player and knows Just about everything there is to know about HD Mini Cams and their complete workings.

I'm looking for a Hardware PCB Designer / firmware programmer well versed in HD Cameras Frame rates, Internal IC's like Snapdragon or similar and is into the open source community ( If not Open its okay)

You should have Vast Knowledge of PCB design & the latest cutting edge and time-saving technologies like Flexible PCB, Qi Standard, Sacking Placement, IC, Battery, lense array, selection, latest Video protocols etc.

Do you take electronics apart just to see how they tick?

Do you look at almost Every Tear-down on i-fix-it just to see how things are Constructed with a passion ? Are you a Maker?, then Awesome were 2 of a kind , Contact me | were a Innovative start-up looking for innovative people

Please tell me what you know, & what you're able to do.

Confidentiality agreement required.
Would prefer to work with someone local, because of time zones I'm on EST

***However I'm willing to give anybody a chance and further their careers***.

Deliverable will be
Block Design, BoM, Schematics, and finally Gerber files so we can progress on to code the firmware

Please reply with some PCB samples you have made or links to them in use online, so we can see if we mesh well together. Cam examples would be an asset

like I said this isn't a very hard project if you know what your doing and your the best at you're craft.

I'm looking for a long term workana working business relationship.

Again Please Only looking for team players and innovators.and are ready to start on this ASAP,

So Hit Me with You're Best Shot! , This is Truly A Excellent Opportunity for the right Team Player, you will be part of our Immense PR and campaign as we believe in paying it forward

Cheers you for your time mate, looking forward to speaking with you and you being part of this Bright EPIC future



| All The World Living In Peace |

Category: Engineering & Manufacturing
Is this a project or a position?: I don't know yet
Required availability: As needed






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