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We need you to deliver a customized ecommerce magento to sell four digital products, which are available on three different external websites so a secured invocation (custom made URL, dynamically calculated) for each product shall be available for each paid customer.
1) We have the following products to sell:
a) One library of twenty 2 minutes videos hosted on
b) One ebook (pdf format, unsecured) hosted in the magento catalogue
c) Online calculator application: Access to this external secured application
d) Online forms application: Access to this external secured application
I need an expert Magento developer that will customize a Magento ecommerce site with the following:
2) Ability to order the products listed in item 1)
a) Customer should be able to buy one product, or two products, or all of them in
'bulk' mode with different pricing levels for each option
b) Customer should be able to access his/her 'library of links' online and get there direct links to
each product that he bought. When clicking each link a new tab should open giving him
access to the target URL where the product will be delivered.
C) Those 'links' shall be dynamically calculated as this is the only way to secure access to
paid customers. The security to access the external applications c) and d) will be based on a
dynamic calculated shared secret using md5 and something that changes (current date) so
every day the user logs in his ecommerce account the link will change
(we will provide the pseudocode logic required to construct these 'secure' URLs, using
a shared secret, something that changes = datetime and one way encryption md5() )
These URLs will also contain some form of userid (email address would work) in order for the
target application to recognize who is the user accessing the data (as these targets applications
will have some data stored for specific users, so they need to recognize how is accessing )
d) In oder to access the video library (item 1-a) you should integrate the security mechanism
from dmcloud (theck their API: for this) to avoid
non paid users to access the video library
3) Payment integration:
a) Should integrate seamlessly with worldpay
4) Look and feel:
a) Should follow design guidelines (colors, fonts, background) of the main site.
We will provide all assets for graphic design, you have to make sure the ecommerce section
is aligned with the main site design with relation to colors, fonts, background.
To bid for this job please start your reply with the word 'mockingbird' so we know you have taken the
effort to read.
And provide similar projects (live URLs) of magento ecommerce sites you have delivered so we check your past experience doing ecommerce stuff
Thank you






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