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Published on the August 12, 2019 in IT & Programming

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Here are the requirement - (native)
2 mobile app
1 website
1 control panel

Example - carosell app
SgCarMart app
IProperty .sg app

- it is not only a buyer/seller platform, registered seller will be able to sell their products in the  category they posted in.
-To send notification to users on their previous search when someone posted an item they search before
-let seller who is a registered agent be able to sell their products with a buy button when they post their products for buyer to buy.
-Seller will be able to register to have their ads be able to bump up for a duration period on the website
-Registered user(seller owner) will have their post highlighted so that buyer will know it a premium product.
- To have a template for all category
- All registered seller will be given priority post (TOP,highlighted, or buy button)

Advertising on all category
- (Admin)The ads on our control panel are to be easily allocated by ourself to which category and page and a time limit set on the ads for both banner and advertising ads
- to allow banner advertising,
- Ads advertising which are  ad same as normal posting.

(When click on to go to another whole new page to allow user to view and to enter particulars to send email to the advertiser.)
- (Users) are able to places ads themselves on the website after paying and which what category they want to post in and duration of the ads

Car category
-to ask users to agree to the term and condition to use their details to get the car information on Govt website  to display on the post they submit for the car information. Might need API to pull data
- to let them submit a quotation for their car sales  and we send to those dealer who registered with us.
- To have a template for the car category
- To inform registered car dealer of new posting by personal owner.

Home sales/resales
- normal post and agent posting required their licenses no to post
- let registered  agents received new alert by personal sales/rent post

- let registered agents post their items in priority post.

To have 1) normal members 2) paid to bump up post members 3)registered company (premium members)

To have advertisement columns and those who wants to paid for Ads in the respective category.(every category)

Always send notification to members on their previous search
Send notification to premium users on new car listing by car owner and new posting of room or house sales to housing agents

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