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Multimedia Storytelling - Basalto Collective

Published on the November 19, 2023 in Design & Multimedia

About this project


We are seeking a skilled video editor to embark on an exciting project involving the creation of four captivating videos, each approximately 2 minutes in duration. The content for these videos has already been provided, and the task involves meticulous cropping, audio adjustment, and the addition of English subtitles to enhance the overall viewing experience.

Key Responsibilities:
Cropping and Sequencing: Your primary role will be to carefully crop the provided video footage, ensuring a seamless and logical flow of content. This requires a keen eye for detail to maintain coherence while delivering a concise and engaging narrative.
Audio Enhancement: The project requires adjusting audio elements to achieve optimal clarity and coherence. This includes balancing sound levels, minimizing background noise, and ensuring a consistent audio experience throughout each video.
Subtitling: To make the content accessible to a wider audience, you will be responsible for incorporating English subtitles. This step is crucial for enhancing comprehension and ensuring the message is effectively conveyed.
Quality Assurance: Conduct thorough quality checks to guarantee that the final videos meet the project's standards and align with the intended narrative. This includes reviewing the cropped footage, verifying subtitle accuracy, and ensuring a seamless viewing experience.
The ideal candidate should possess proficiency in video editing software (better if it's in an adobe program), a strong understanding of storytelling techniques, and the ability to work efficiently to meet project deadlines.
If you are passionate about video editing and storytelling, we invite you to be a part of this creative endeavor.

Project overview

Basalto Collective is a platform that cultivates a dialogue among contemporary design, cultural heritage, and traditional craftsmanship, showcasing Mexican design infused with traditional materials, processes, and techniques. Our mission is to amplify the voices of designers and involve them in architectural and interior design projects, while shedding light on the narrative of each product and the story of their creative process. Crafted by a collective of avant-garde designers within Mexico's embrace, the inaugural collection harmoniously blends materials, textures, and sizes to create diverse contemporary design pieces. This carefully curated selection of top-tier Mexican contemporary design items, accompanied by their exclusive stories, serves to raise awareness about Mexico's cultural origins and heritage.

Category Design & Multimedia
Subcategory Make or edit a video
What do you need? New video from existing footage
Is this a project or a position? Project
Required availability As needed
I will provide Photos, Stock video clips, Original film
Duration Between 1 and 3 min

Delivery term: Not specified

Skills needed