Nativemodule for React Native connecting with Bluetooth Mpos

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The main goal of this task is to expose all methods from github repo and wrap on NativeModule package. Our objective is connect and operate an BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy aka.: Bluetooth 4.0) device through a NativeModule exposed methods.

Device info:
GitHub repo with library and example:
Docs: (pt-br)

fist, we need to seek and connect to device, and then, be able to send payments commands to it. All methods are listed on official docs. There is an example named "pagcafe" within the repo.

Obs.: We are going to use this package on Android Things device (Raspberry Pi3). Android Things use the same methods from Android os to seek and connect to ble devices. Some examples:
Example running RPi3 as Bluetooth Server:
Bluetooth GATT Server:

We can consider the task done when:
1) A little example app can list and connect with BLE devices through native module
2) Establish connection with a device (in this case i will test with my POS machine)
3) Send payments and call for last payment info (basically, expose all methods from "PlugPag lib")
Would be nice if you can test it on Android Things (DP-5.1) RPi3 device

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Required platforms: Android






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