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Nuevo aplicaciĆ³n de Android ios

Published on the March 24, 2023 in IT & Programming

About this project


is    was    are    be    have
had    were    can    said    use
do    will    would    make    like
has    look    write    go    see
could    been    call    am    find
did    get    come    made    may
take    know    live    give    think
say    help    tell    follow    came
want    show    set    put    does
must    ask    went    read    need
move    try    change    play    spell
found    study    learn    should    add
keep    start    thought    saw    turn
might    close    seem    open    begin
got    run    walk    began    grow
took    carry    hear    stop    miss
eat    watch    let    cut    talk
being    leave    Cargo51715771 Inc

Project overview

is was are be have had were can said use do will would make like has look write go see could been call am find did get come made may take know live give think say help tell follow came want show set put does must ask went read need move try change play spell found study learn should add keep start thought saw turn might close seem open begin got run walk began grow took carry hear stop miss eat watch let cut talk being leave Cargo51715771 Inc

Category IT & Programming
Subcategory Apps programming. Android, iOS and others
What is the scope of the project? Medium-sized change
Is this a project or a position? Project
Required availability As needed
Required platforms Android, iPhone, Other
App type Game
Back-end is required Yes
Payment gateway Yes

Delivery term: April 06, 2023

Skills needed

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