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Eu tenho um documento com descrição básica do projeto em inglês, joguem no translate e qualquer dúvidas vamos conversar.

The main idea of the software it is to facilitate a user to find another users looking for an item in common.
It is like a mix of a common sales/search website and I want to facilitate users to find each other. I’ll not be responsible to control negotiation between them neither control payments.

List of functionalities:
1) Search for an item or user
2) When he sees the results, he can search again, select a user to see his profile, start a chat or start a “rate deal”
3) Register himself – Basic info, picture and he needs to select if he is a buyer, a sales guy or both. – He should be able to use social medias.
4) Login to the website – Email/user and password or social medias.
5) Register items associated to him – When add items he is interested; he will add items selecting on a combo, list or text box but with autocomplete while he is texting; the idea it is to avoid duplicated items. If an item doesn’t exist, we can add an item but he needs to select also an item type. When he adds an item, we can show a default picture of his item but he can change or add more pictures of this items, add some dimensions and budget he expects to spend. This index will be used in the search area. He can also set a expiration date for an item, that means, after that date, we will remove automatically his item from the search area. We will not remove from his list, we will only change the color to show him that it is expired.
6) Dashboard – when the user login in the site, he can see his basic information, items he has added, chats started, history of chat and deals, deals and rating of the deals, etc. (basic information that, we can discuss that) – Here he can search an item/user, add or remove items, start a chat (new or old one).
7) Register Item Type – This is something only for admin users…This items type can be used to search and will be used when register an item for a user or an admin.
8) If the user, when register him, select the option saying he is a sales guy, he can buy in the website a functionality that every time someone register an item he sells, he will receive an email and an alert on his dashboard.
9) CRUD Item - This is something only for admin users – It is a screen to add items or pump data in the system. I would like to have a functionality to do something like a “remove duplicates” – Let’s imagine a user inserted an item called web development and another user inserted another one called webdevelopment. We could do something to remove one option.
10) Chat – Regular chat, at the end, it will be saved at the Chat History
11) Chat History – Shows a history of chats of the user, the user can delete the ones he doesn’t want anymore/
12) Rate Deal – A user can rate someone he had a deal. He will select a rate of start 1 to 5 and do a comment. The user rated can reply.
13) I need a function to load items and item types fast.
14) We need a payment platform to the sales guy who want to receive an email when any user register an item he sells.


1) I need this to be prepared to be integrated with an app for mobile devices in a near future. If you do a good job, you will be responsible for the mobile development too .
2) If there is a bug in the website, how it works to fix? I contact you and you fix or I need to pay an extra?
3) You will be responsible for the technology; I only need everything working fast, easy and clean. I only want you to use modern technology, don’t use old things . And again, you need to use a technology to be easy to integrate with mobile development.
4) Before any development, I need to know extra costs with database, host, etc.
5) I need someone that deliver for me this project working, I don’t expect to do any technical task (even I’m an IT guy). So, you will be responsible to create the database, codes, first load of data, etc.
6) I need this website to be able to have at least 3 languages.
7) Layout clean/modern – You are responsible for the layout. – Responsive Layout
8) Layout could be prepared for ADS.
9) We should use Trello to control the development, if necessary.

Categoria: IT & Programação
Subcategoria: Programação
Qual é o alcance do projeto?: Criar um novo site personalizado
Isso é um projeto ou uma posição de trabalho?: Um projeto
Tenho, atualmente: Eu tenho uma ideia geral
Experiência nesse tipo de projeto: Sim (Eu já gerenciei esse tipo de projeto)
Disponibilidade requerida: Conforme necessário
Funções necessárias: Designer, Desenvolvedor
Integrações de API: Mídias sociais (Facebook, Twitter, etc), Payment Processor (Paypal, Stripe, etc)






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