Puzzle game, selfie, face recognition and photomontage

I need create small game for Android. This game will be used for promote the LG G5 phone in a cell phones shop. See attached pictures and see specs below.
Thank you

Pictures: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/3724852/pictures.zip


1. The 1st screen (1.jpg) is the welcome screen of the app. There should be a Press Star button for start the game

The 2nd screen (2.jpg) is the puzle game. The user will drag each component of the LG G5 phone to their correct location. There is a timer (see the progress bar timer in the 2.jpg picture).
If the user completes the puzzle in X seconds (we have not yet decided the quantity of seconds for the game) the user won, if not the user lost. If user won or lost no message is displayed in this screen, the message will be displayed in the screen 6 (6.jpg)

3. In the 3rd screen (3.jpg) the user should choose the color that he / she likes.
Will choose one of the 4 colors for LG G5. The user can use the dots (in the left) for choose the color or touch the color of of the phones in the screen. We should highlight the dot color and phone selected.
There should a button for take a selfie (next screen).

4. In the screen 4, the front camera of tablet or phone should be activated and user can take a selfie picture. There should be a option for take again the selfie if the user do not like the taken picture. Also, a button for go to the next screen

In the screen 5, the face recognition should work something like SnapChat. The app should extract the face of the user from the selfie picture and make some kind of photomontage and display a funny picture. For example in the screen 5 you will see that the face of the Jason Statham is displayed in the body of the old woman.
I will provide you the 10 funny background pictures so you can code the photomontage, 5 background pictures for won and 5 background pictures for lost. According if the user won or lost the app should randomly choose one of the 5 background pictures.

6. In the last screen 6, we will display the message if you won or lost. Also the phone color that the user choose in the screen 3 and funny picture (photomontage) from the screen 5 but inside of the LG G5 phone.

7. The app should have an option for restart the game (go back to the screen 1). I think we will display LG logo in all screens, so if the user press the logo for 2 seconds the game is reset.

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