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I am new to wordpress and i need help with the following:
1. Create a video gallery of about 25 youtube videos with title. I installed the following plugin in order to create a 3 column video gallery and i need it to be sortable.
Each video should be categorized as either 'predicaciones, enseñanzas, alabanzas, salmos or himnos (plugin website http://codecanyon.net/item/sortable-video-embed-wordpress-plugin/full_screen_preview/5610823 ) I want it to look like the 3 column video gallery on th plugin website. I also need to know how many people watch each video.
Please let me know what info you need, i will give you the youtbe url's of the videos and it should have the same picture as the video on youtube. I tried doing it myself however i could not get the video to work.
budget $13/hr total $26 for 2 hours of work

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