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We are looking for a colourful, clean, professional website for the NZ Biodynamic Association to replace our existing outdated one. ( We need a CMS platform that provides complete flexibility - field changes in forms, generic content adjustment, photo adjustments (additions/changes), etc.
We would be looking for a standard layout of home page with seven or eight main pages, then sub-pages within these main pages (up to six maximum). We'd like the capacity to load e-versions of our in-house magazine, use several forms and possibly some other ytd functionality.
We'd also like a scaled-down, simplistic, mobile version of the website for people using smart-phones. It obviously needs to be compatible with different browsers and so forth.
More details about this project:
* Requirements: We require full site development, design and implementation. We have the domain name and hosting in-house.
* New or existing project: New

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