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I need writers to work in a long period to create articles about: [Basic English for Brazilians, English for beginners, English tips, English easy vocabulary, and Basic English tips]
The Articles should following the rules:
- The articles should be writer in Portugues and use some English words.
- The Writer should have a knowledge with SEO only to work with the key word inside the article,
- The Articles should have between 600 and 800 words, never less;
- The Articles should be written in a short phrase. Short and simple paragraph.
- Personal communication;
- To use subtitles to broke the article;
- To use bullet point Always as possible;
- Never use copy, all article will be tested with copyscape;
- Article should have quality, not only to fill space. I´ll read all and evaluate before accept (This is the most importante rule)
- I send the title and the writer do the search and create the Article;
- Payment can be done by week or article quantity;
- Price per Article R$ 8,00;
I wait answer to an immediate start

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