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Alberto Borghi - Assistant - Online Virtual Assistant within Failing Company - Personal, Administrative, Executive, Worker, Community

Published on the December 28, 2021 in Admin Support

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The most important role and responsibilities are communications online, and tracking the dozens if not 100's of tasks and responsibilities that need to get done. You do NOT need to do it all yourself, as you will not be able to, you just need to know what is going on, and who is working on it, and when we should except progress to get made. Tracking all of that is already a huge endeavor and until someone proves that they can do it, there is no expectation that anyone will.

From there scheduling is essencial, but to successfully schedule you will need to be able to sift though dozens of priorities and make sure that each day and each hour we are focused on the correct priority. We can ONLY work on one thing at a time. Once we schedule and are collaborating on doing work, having the space to focus and get the work done is not easy.

You will be eager to ask questions and learn about every detail, but we simply do not have time for that. We can only go so fast, one step at a time, and there is NOT always time to train people to do work that takes years, even decades to master. Think of it more like an apprentice role.

Watching and slowly learning so that overtime you can take over as CEO yourself. As far as tracking hours and working, we use a new diversified income model. Therefore you are welcome to work with other freelance employers as well.

You typically start with about 3-4 responsibilities. Each responsibility will be 1.5 hours of work, which is about 6 hours per week. You can quickly start taking on more responsibilities.

To work a full time job of 30+ hours per week, you will need a minimum of 20 responsibilities. We do NOT use Workana for tracking time. Instead we pay workers within Workana using bonus payments.

This will help us keep track of base pay for hours, and bonus pay for completing work. In order to do a temporary hire, we require 5 criteria to be achieved. 1) Clear agreed upon $/hr pay rate.
Your current pay rate is a bit high. Please explain. 2) Jurisdictional Rate for your equity.
Please provide your city in Nicaragua and we can look up your jurisdictional monthly rate for equity and tokens on livingcost dot org. 3) Clear responsibilities each with 1.5hours/week of work. For starting we typically do 4 responsibilities which would be training/on-boarding, main sessions, general worker responsibilities, and Virtual Assistant Work Sessions.
That would be a total starting hours of 6 hours per week. If you can do that then we can easily increase to as many hours as you can handel the responsibilities.  You can still get bonuses.
4) You need to have a token address or you need to put in writing that you want someone else to oversee your tokens for you. 5) You need to successfully communicate here on workana during needed hours and throughout the day, and schedule a live interview session(s) for audio communications. The more communications the better for sure.

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