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Assistant - Daily Real-Time Online Virtual Assistant Work with Social Group - Executive, Administrative, Worker, Personal, Community Assistant

Published on the March 24, 2022 in Admin Support

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This position MUST check in and schedule for Work Daily 7 days per week. If you can not make the session, then you are responsible for ensuring that someone else is covering the session. You can choose to do one session per day (from 11pm utc to 2am utc), or to do 3 sessions per day (8pm utc to 5am utc). If you fail to meet your responsiblites to communicate and schedule for work, or have someone cover for you, even a single day, the position is automatically be paused. Therefore if you are NOT able to do 7 days a week and can only do 6 days, on day 7 you would be automatically be deactivated for not meeting your responsiblities. You are welcome to apply for other positions as well, but this is our top priority position, which requires daily check ins and scheduling with the chief executive. The most important role and responsibilities as a executive virtual assistant are communications online, and tracking the dozens if not 100's of tasks and responsibilities that need to get done. You do NOT need to do it all yourself, as you will not be able to, you just need to know what is being worked on, and who is working on it, and when we should except progress to get made. From there scheduling is essencial, so we can focus on our top priorites. We can ONLY work on one thing at a time. Once we schedule and are collaborating on doing work, having the space to focus and get the work done is not easy. You will be eager to ask questions and learn about every detail, but we simply do not have time for that outside of our main sessions where we can do training. We can only go so fast, one step at a time, and there is NOT always time to train people to do work that takes years, even decades to master. Think of it more like an apprentice role. Watching and slowly learning so that overtime you can take over as CEO yourself. As far as tracking hours and working, we use a new diversified income model. You typically start with about 5-10 responsibilities. Each responsibility will be 1.5 hours of work, which is about 6-15 hours per week to start. You can quickly take on more responsibilities. To work full time of 30+ hours per week, you will need a minimum of 20 responsibilities, although an executive assistant role would be expected to take on 40-60 hours per week, working overtime until we have gotten all of the work completed. We do NOT use Workana for tracking time. Instead we pay workers within Workana using bonus payments. This will help us keep track of base pay for hours, and bonus pay for completing work.

Project overview

My name is Jay Blas Jacob Cabrera. I am Looking for Someone who is dedicated, helpful, willing to try new things, can deal with disorganization, clutter, messes, and can be kind, sympathetic, and support both personal wellness and Executive business work. You need to be awake during day light hours in America/California, specifically from 11pm utc to 2am utc. I am looking for a business partner, a friend, a college, someone who can collaborate as equals when voting, but also follow direction when the work needs to be focused. The situation you would be getting involved in is a messy one. We are dealing with many many years of disorganization, chaos, overwhelm, loss of huge amounts of money(mainly crypto that was stollen from us), and missed deadlines. Anyone who takes on this position will need to be able to organize dozens of tasks and responsibilities on a daily basis, as well as be mindful that knowlege and information can not easily be transfered because there is a lot that is stuck, or that no one knows what to do about. That means the most important thing is simply a daily presence. Being available to communicate, but also being available to just be in silence and work as a team with a stable audio connection. As far as what we do, we primarily focus on finances and accounting, with most of our funds in Crypto including Bitcion, Ethereum, Binance, and other Crypto Tokens. Our goal is to support a variety of new economic models, new governance models, and new educational models to help improve the life experience on our planet. We would love to help address global climate destabilization, government corruption, and corporate greed, but most of our work is just focused on getting organized and dealing with finances and taxes to support other peoples social or non-profit programs. It doesn't matter what you want to do or how good it is for the world, if you can't first get organized and get your finances in order, it wont matter. So that is our primary focus.

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Subcategory Virtual Assistant
Is this a project or a position? Project
Required availability Part time

Project duration 1 to 3 months

Skills needed

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