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Looking for someone to edit a Video Sales Letter!

Published on the May 25, 2023 in Design & Multimedia

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Hello, how is everything? My name is Gabriel and I'm looking for a qualified professional to edit the video for my project. I already have the materials to carry out the work: audio of the narration and the script. The edition I'm looking for is based on the VSL (Video Sales Letter) model, where, more important than illustrative images, are the words that appear along with the narrator's speech and his intonation. In this way, I manage to capture more viewers' attention almost hypnotically when they don't even realize they are reading along with the narration. The initial template will contain a white background with black letters, here you can see a quick and simple example: https://youtu.be/658vUQPF_bs But for this effect to happen on viewers, there are a few more points that must be followed in the course of the video: 1 - Insert "..." At the end of 90% of the slides; 2 - Use Open Sans font size 42; 3 - Put a maximum of 2 lines of text on 90% of the slides; 4 - For the narration to be hypnotic, when the speaker pauses right on a word, put only that word on the slide. If he says two words and pauses, put those two words on the slide alone, and so on. So sometimes some slides will have less than 2 lines... The goal is to make the video hypnotic following the standard of quality kinetic typography. The reading must always go hand in hand with the narration; 5 - Place some images on some slides that can illustrate well what the narrator is saying. (Only in the funniest or saddest points of the video); 6 - Important words in bold in black; 7 - Very important words in bold in red color; 8 - When the video is ready, speed up the video a little so that the reading of the slides is even more synchronized with the speaker's speech rate. This will make the video even more hypnotic. A video where the speech is slow, it gets sickening. The person needs to hear the speaker at the same speed as they are reading. The audio narration I have is a total of 26 minutes and 4 seconds. If you think you are capable of doing this job, send me your budget and if you also have work carried out exactly on this model, send me your portfolio. I await your contact.

Category Design & Multimedia
Subcategory Make or edit a video
What do you need? New video and footage
Is this a project or a position? Project
Required availability As needed
I will provide Stock images
Duration 26 minutes and 4 seconds, about 4.222 words

Delivery term: Not specified

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