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Published on the December 24, 2013 in IT & Programming

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I need to bring features to this guy here, don vehiculo dot es PHP & mysql maybe some javascript/jquery/ajax could be the perfect skills for the proj.  The site is up and running but may support the next changes, there is no so much traffic at the moment…

Here are the features that I want to add:

1. Modify the DB and add motos and trucks (I do have the list with the new data)
Add the crud involved and the db, to may be able to list, edit, search, delete etc with the new motos + trucks data tables added.

2. Hide the phone nr. (Only from private owners) put an Ajax or whatever script to pull and show it from database on click only.  Repeat, only from Private Users.
The Professionals remain as is stay.

3. Modify the logic behind as shown:

Right now the private sellers can list for free two cars (if added motos and trucks they would be able to list totally two items, doesn't meter what, one car and one motobike, one truck and one moto etc, and 5 accessories, that remain the same they could list 5 accessories free like now. If private persons list more than two car items to be by paid option)

The professionals (dealers) may list now only buy paying option. 9,95/month, monthly subscription, unlimited items, but I want to give them 120 days free all stock they may have with fully control panel access and then, when it's finished the 120 days with 3 options like:
Up to 10 car listings for ej 9,99 / month
2. Up to 25 cars or whatever 34,99 for example
3 . And more than 25 cars like 50 for example.

Prices are imaginative right now, but the idea is not...

4. User alert like shown
Any user that arrive, searching for some kind of Audi for ex leave his data and the website sends him an email alert once a car like he was looking for is listed. Of corse, only if this car (cars) are/is listed by someone... As well I would like an option like this, leave your data and the website sends automatically an email with "BMW serie 5, automatic, diesel, year 2007-2009" needed for example to all dealers that are registered, and they are active dealers. This is mostly the idea. So the same alert send by smtp class an email if a car like he is searching for is listed, and in the same time sends an alert by email to all dealers from DB with his data and what car the user is searching for….
So  the dealers may contact with this guy in the case they have this car/truck/moto whatever...

5. Some control panel improvements for both particulars/dealers. Implement this guy here for example, or something similar like:
or whatever php full control cms for the site, for admin of corse, users as well, private and professionals. Verry important, because right now is not the way it has to be..

6. Upload video (the private sellers may list 2 items but if they finalize buying any of 3 paid services the two more expensive ones let the user to upload a video (that normally, would be related with his listing)

7. The private users, they have the same option, but not to upload, just like insert the video from source like youtube vimeo etc, by inserting the link when they put the car ad, of corse this appear in their detail listing page, but not upload the video fisicaly like professionals.

This is all at the moment, I guess the most important is to modify the code to start the campaign 120 days free (It comes from the idea that most highways have limit on 120 km/hour in europe... In spain at least) to may start promoting this website.

There are some other features but are not important at the moment… I need price by pieces, or by hole features implemented that are here right now. I

Please leave me any possible offers to : alin_too at yahoo dot com
thanks to all and merry christmas!!!!!!!!!!!

Category IT & Programming

Deadline: October 23, 2020

Skills needed

.NET AJAX Database JavaScript jQuery MySQL PHP YouTube

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