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Speed up your growth with freelancers and move at the speed of the market.

Companies that are empowered with us

  • Uber
  • Unilever
  • Ambev

What do your teams need to help them navigate a *VUCA world?

* This refers to the acronym of the elements that characterize it: volatility, uncertainty, complexity, and ambiguity.


A pool of collaborators available 24/7 to complement your in-house teams.


Hiring on demand from a system that is customized to your organization.


Our team is available to help complete your projects as soon as possible and with the best results.


Give your teams the tools to achieve great results in little time.

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Solutions made to fit your organization

Entire teams

Hire a whole team to develop pending areas.

Projects on demand

Unlimited talent on demand for punctual project completion.

Payment platform

Use our system to manage all the freelance talent you hire, both on and off Workana.


Consult with experts in agility, digital transformation, adoption of remote work environments, and much more.

Hire long-term

Boost your teams by hiring talent for medium- to long-term.

We listen to you

Tell us about your needs! We will give guidance so that you can obtain the best results.

Multiple disciplines
and the latest tools on the market.

We're the middleman that guarantees your results.

In any part of the world
The best talent available, and in your language.

Competitive value
The best value on the market with a preferential service rate.

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your organization's
carbon footprint

0.84 t. CO2

Average footprint for one freelancer per year

2.51 t. CO2

Average footprint for one in-house collaborator per year