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I'm looking to hire 2 reliable social media experts who can provide social media management for my various clients as part of my digital agency. The selected freelancer should be bilingual Spanish and English (wanted), creating and developing social media strategies is a MUST, you need to posses design skills cause it includes the design of personalized posts for the brands, generate challenges and contests and all that's needed to engage and grow the audience. The freelancer must know how to design, do quality research, be able to work as a team and be willing to work as part of my company, encourage followers to comment and interact with the brand, targeted followers or sign ups to a brand, social lead generation, social media advertising techniques is a must, you need to be organized and have the ability to increase the presence of brands by creating content, creative writing and SEO is a plus. If you fit with the profile I will have a number of clients for you. I will pay a fixed amount per month, so please let me know what you would do for each client and how much you would charge, what does your social media management includes and what are the activities you will perform as part of the social media management. Thank you.

Please make sure you have the requirements listed above, I will provide you with monthly salary, make sure to mention polarbear in your application or it will be ignored. Possibility of bonuses apply and you don't need to have a specific amount of time spend per day, that means no schedule! if you can do it and schedule it in one or two days there's no problem for me! Hootsuit account is a plus.

**Send proposal in Spanish**

Category: Sales & Marketing
Subcategory: Community Management
Is this a project or a position?: Long term position
Required availability: Part time

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