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Daniel Noriega (ClickBank)

8 de mar. 8:03

Hello Joan,

Thank you for your inquiry! Yes, I see that this sale was not credited to you. Please verify that your links are set up correctly by following the steps outlined below:

Enter your HopLink into a new browser window, or click on the advertisement you have placed your HopLink in.
Click on one of the vendor's ClickBank order buttons.
Scroll to the bottom of the ClickBank payment window. You should see your account Nickname listed as the affiliate.
This proves that your link is set up correctly and ensures your account will be credited with any commissions earned by referring paying customers to this vendor.

For more information on how HopLinks work, please see the following article:

Our HopLink tracking system includes cookies. After you make a referral, you will earn a commission if the customer purchases any product from that site up to 60 days later. However, if the customer's computer doesn't have cookies enabled in their computer/device's browser or if they have any third-party ad-blocker/anti-spyware software that could be blocking cookies then this could happen.

You can tell your customer to cancel (request a refund) the purchase and then re-purchase the same product using your link. This time, however, please tell him/her to make sure to look at the bottom of the payment form and see if your nickname appears there. This means that the cookies are enabled and you'll be given a commission.

Please let me know if I can be of further assistance!

Daniel N.
ClickBank Client Advisor

Joan Daunis

8 de mar. 2:06

on 16/2 there was a sale on our course of Tarot , but do not see it in our sales record. Number XGRLL5NE
tell me what is hapening.thankyou

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