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Edit book for Amazon direct print

Published on the September 24, 2023 in Writing & Translation

About this project


I already have a written document 15,000 words.

It is written in Spanish and is a work that is about to be published in a legal magazine in Mexico.

I would like to have a version of it in the shape of a book.

I need someone that:

1) proofreads
2) edits the file to have the shape of a book (chapters, sections).
3) create index
4) create cover and side
5) create inside sleeves

I would send you the article in a MS word file.

Project overview

With the final document drafted by the freelancer, I will publish an e-book. And an Amazon printable book.

Category Writing & Translation
Subcategory Proofreading
How many words? More than 5,000 words
Is this a project or a position? Project
Required availability As needed

Delivery term: October 17, 2023

Skills needed

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