Needs a Sales who speaks Portuguese and Spanish (part time 10 hours per week)

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Our client's Company, specialized in advising companies in their launch phase, has been doing business in the USA since 2004. An opportunity has arisen for a part time sales/marketing position.

Working with us means dealing with a new entrepreneur every day, constantly learning about different industries, and benefiting from diverse experiences. Our office enjoys a fast paced environment, where one cannot get bored. Our company praises team members’ initiatives. This job is ideal for a stay home mom.

Our company is looking to expand our presence in Spain, Mexico, Venezuela and Brazil.

Duties will include both sales and marketing tasks:
1- Contacting potential clients
2- Client relationship management
3- Developing and publishing content in Portuguese & Spanish
on our sites and marketing platform
4- Develop a network of blogs which would refer traffic back to us
5- Live chat
6- Development of canned responses
7- Development of email sales cycle
8- Putting together a database of contacts who can generate leads for us
9- Mailing campaign
10- Newsletter/Email marketing campaign
11- Interviewing clients
12- Follow up on client’s case

To apply, you should:
-Be in the process of getting at lease a Bachelor degree
-Be conformable making cold calls
-Be fluent in Portuguese AND Spanish in order to target South American markets
-Like to socialize. Have good sales skills
-Be ready to commit to a long term position (at least 6 months)
-Be ready to start tomorrow
-Have a fast internet connection

In terms of soft skills, we are looking for someone who:
- is friendly, likes to socialize while staying focus
- is a team player, easy to work with positive energy and has an open mind to learn
- is highly autonomous and take initiatives
- is reliable and has integrity
- is dynamic and mature

You need to work 2 hours per day from Monday to Friday between 9 AM EST and 5 PM PST. Consistency is essential.

Having prior experience in sales and/or marketing or graphic design is welcome but not a prerequisite as interpersonal & soft skills matter most for this position.

There is a base of $250 (including workana fees if any) per month plus bonuses. The pay goes up to $450 once you get the first client. There are more bonuses for each additional client. A confidentiality agreement will be needed as the work done and information dealt with are confidential and cannot be advertised

Category: Sales & Marketing
Subcategory: Telemarketing and Telesales
Is this a project or a position?: Long term position
Required availability: Part time

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