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Published on the March 22, 2022 in Writing & Translation

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Busco uma pessoa experiente para escrever artigos em Inglês com referências acadêmicas com cerca de 2 mil palavras em média em cada.


How to develop High Performance Teams

As part of this new role you have now been asked to write a report that provides insight as to how the sales team can improve performance after consistently missing targets over the last 2 years.

Your team operates in an extremely competitive environment against 4 other sales teams where daily performance is measured closely - in terms of leads generated, sales completed and overall customer satisfaction. Due to the continued underperformance issues, the Company Directors may look at developing a revised approach and strategy based upon the points contained within your report.

1. An introduction setting out the content and direction of your report.

2. Compare and contrast Tuckman’s Team development model with Charrier’s ‘Cog’s Ladder’ theory on Team development. Highlight the key similarities and differences between the models.

3. Compare and contrast Belbin’s Team Roles theory with the Margerison-McCann Team Performance Index (sometimes known as the ‘Work Wheel’ model). As with section 2, you should highlight the key similarities and differences between each of these models.

4. An explanation of the impact of Motivation and Emotional Intelligence and how the use of each factor may influence and support the successful development of Team Performance. You must make use of academic theories and models available in each of these factors to support your discussion. Where appropriate, you should also provide relevant examples of effective team working in operation to support your explanation of key points.

5. A suitable conclusion that clearly summarises the key points made during the report with recommendations for action to the Directors of the Company.

The report must be appropriately referenced using the Harvard Referencing system.

Esse é um exemplo de artigo que necessita referencias no texto e também no final do artigo, escrito com as próprias palavras, sem plagiarismo.

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