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Writer for English-Spanish Assignments

Detalles del proyecto:
Presupuesto: Abierto
Publicado: Hace 2 años
Plazo: 7 días
Idioma: Español (Fluido), Inglés (Fluido)
Propuestas: 50
Freelancers interesados: 52
We are looking for a Spanish and English writer that will have to do very simple translations assigned according to project needs. In this case, the total will be for 25 assignments of roughly 350-400 words maximum. It won't be necessary to have the most perfect grammar, as what we are looking for is commitment.
We work on very tight deadlines and will be having more and more work available for the right person. Writing experience will be valued.

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Andres D.
(Promedio 5.00 de 5)
Ubicación: Uruguay
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