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We are a small, growing publishing company with a focus on Wellness topics. We believe that work should fit into your lifestyle, and that's why all our team members are remote, working from home.

We're expanding into the Brazilian market and are looking for one or more translators to translate our materials, content and files from English to Brazilian Portuguese.

There is a lot of content, spread out over various files, and various tests that we run in short time frames - that basing it on word count isn't going to work well. Instead we're going to test a few translators paying them hourly rates, and then see how is doing the best job.

Criteria are:
- Quality (accurate translations, spelling, punctuation)
- Time (how fast you can translate without quality suffering)
- Ability to get things right the first time
- Great communication skills

No translation tools or other tricks. We have ways to spot that quickly.

There will be an expert proofreader assessing these qualities.

You must a native Brazilian person (no Portuguese from Portugal).

There will be a lot of work upfront translating all materials (at least 40 hours per week for the first 2-3 weeks), and then regularly ongoing translations.


1. Portuguese as native language. Excellent command of the English language.

2. Excellent communication skills.

3. You are very dependable (I’m talking about VERY dependable.. not the “This usually doesn’t happen, but it happened again” type)

4. Understanding vocabulary in the health, wellness and weight loss field very well.

5. Technology is your good friend.

6. You are very well organized and are a self-starter.

7. Have minimum 2 years of experience in translations.

8. You provide feedback about certain parts of the content that may need to be adapted in terms of culture to Brazil.

9. You are a team player and are excited about growing and learning in a challenging environment.

10. You don't take things personally, have feelings hurt easily or get offended at all. You stay objective and like to always use logic to make decisions.

11. You are cool and relaxed, but always pushing to get things done. It’s important that you like to take responsibility and your main focus is always to deliver results.

12. You are an excellent communicator. Our company is multi-cultural and 100% virtual. Excellent communication is key here!

13. You have to be able to work weekends if the workload requires it (ie. initially).

Who this job is NOT for:

1. If you are not 100% reliable as in "This usually doesn’t happen, but it happened again" this is not for you.

2. If you are sloppy, then this is not for you.

3. If you only want short-term jobs, this is not for you. This job has the potential to turn into something long-term.

4. If you don't meet all the criteria above, this is not for you.

Since this is a potential long-term position, there will be a in-depth qualification process. If you have what it takes, then here is what to do next:

1. Please tell me what you think is something that most people overlook when it comes to translations, but that you've been doing to make your translations better.

2. Show me some translations that you did, that are most related to what we're working here now.

3. When submitting your cover letter, put into the first line of your application "English to Portuguese Translator *Superstars Only*". All applications without this first line will be ignored.

Category: Writing & Translation
Subcategory: Translation
How many words?: More than 10,000 words
Is this a project or a position?: Long term position
Required availability: Full time



Horas requeridas: 40 horas por semana




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Duración del proyecto: 3 - 4 meses

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