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[IMPORTANT] Project handled by Workana for the client in first stages
We have an open contract position for a PHP developer to help with improving our Advanced Server application and providing customizations for our customers. This position is expected to last just over 3 months.
<< What We are Looking For >>
- Work from your home or office.
- Knowledgeable in Linux/Unix system administration including Apache+PHP installation and configuration, scripting (bash, etc) and package management.
- Serious programming chops. While qualified candidates must be proficient in PHP, the best candidate will have real-world experience in additional web-based languages. The candidate must also be solid with SQL (PostgreSQL a bonus), JavaScript (jQuery a bonus), Git, rest, soap.
ORM experience would help (Doctrine or Propel a bonus).
- Open Source Advocate. Most of the software we work with is based on open source technologies. We want candidates familiar with using open source development tools and prefer people who are or have contributed to open source projects.
- Someone who embraces teamwork and can keep up in a face-paced environment. Must be able to stay focused, yet knows when to ask questions.
- MUST: Excellent English Level!! Only applications in English will be considered
<< Responsibilities >>
- Work will include roughly 70% backend PHP development and 30% frontend work.
- Perform code reviews (pull requests).
- Attend weekly, online sprint planning meetings (Mondays).
- Attend daily, online stand-up meetings.
- While we expect you to be working roughly 8am – 5pm CST, Monday-Friday we can be a bit flexible.
<< Before you send your bid know that>>
1) You must send your bid in English
2) Please send your CV and add relevant info related to our requirements on this project
3) We will check your English level first, we will then check your Developer Skills
4) If you are selected we expect to work in several projects with you for a long time. We wish to form a long term relationship.



Horas requeridas: 40 horas por semana
Idioma: Inglés (Lengua materna)




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Duración del proyecto: 3 - 4 meses

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