Quality Assurance engineer

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A Quality Assurance engineer works with project teams including business analysts and program developers to design, develop and execute test plans to ensure that new and enhanced applications will satisfy business requirements and safeguard production stability.


Proven experience creating and maintaining Test Automation using QTP, Selenium, Sahi, etc.
6+ years’ experience with quality assurance methods and practices
Waterfall and Agile Methodologies
HP's Quality Center
Experience with SDLC

Test Planning and Preparation
Design and create test strategies
Create test plans, data, and test procedures within an existing QA team
Participate in reviews of business specifications and related documentation
Participate in reviews of user interface; assess the usability of assigned subsystems
Develop manual test cases based on requirements, user procedures and/or use cases using industry-standard test tools
Provide assistance/guidance in development of scripting/automation using industry-standard test tools
Develop automated test scripts
Advise on automation techniques
Test Execution and Maintenance
Execute manual and automated test scripts.
Complete Manual and Automated test maintenance.
Maintain Test Case Library
Update Regression Suites
Generate automated defects, metrics, and reports
Coordinate UAT Efforts
Train and support roll out of automation techniques to team members with no/limited experience in automation.

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