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The Processing Assistant's role is to facilitate operations involving credit card processing for our e-commerce brands. The Processing Assistant is responsible for overseeing all credit card processing related functions from inception (setting up new credit card processing accounts) through operation (monitoring credit card processing and ensuring smooth operations). Ad hoc tasks and reporting shall be assigned by the COO and CEO as needed. The Processing Assistant will work with our CRMs and in-house systems and reporting to complete his/her duties. Training on all systems and processes will be provided. Attention to detail and maintaining a strict calendar of events throughout the month and year is critical for this role.

This position reports to the CEO and COO and will work with the Quality Control Manager and Marketing Assistant from time to time on projects. Hours for this position will be 10AM - 6PM EST M-F.

• Complete bank applications
• Proof websites prior to submitting merchant account applications
• Oversee the boarding of new merchant accounts and test those accounts
• Integrate merchant accounts with our CRM
• Work with web development team to ensure that details on our websites are correct (customer service numbers, terms, etc)
• Optimize merchant processing using our CRM and in-house systems
• Oversee PCI & other regulatory compliance
• Interface with merchant accounts, banks, and other partners
• Perform ad hoc reporting and analytical review as directed
• Monitor reserve account balances
• Oversee PCI & other regulatory compliance
• Provide effective and timely communication to team members
• Maintaining several in-house systems to optimize credit card processing
• Keep a calendar of important filing dates for our companies and ensure that filings are made on time

Category: Finance & Management
Is this a project or a position?: A project
Required availability: As needed

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