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Social Media Manager for Amateur Football Community: Celebreak plus project

Published on the September 15, 2020 in Sales & Marketing

About this project

Less than USD 10 / hour

You love football and speak the language of football?  This position might only suit you if you are passionate about football and are able to speak the language of football!

CeleBreak is an easy way to play football and meet new friends. We organise ourselves matches for everyone  who doesn't know where and with whom to play football in Barcelona & Madrid.

We are looking for a full time social media manager, preferrably to work with us on the long term with the desired result to increase following, generate leads, and nurture potential amateur football players through social media.

We target on Social Media
- people who play football but dont know where and with whom
- 18 years - 45 years
- Male & Female

Please study and see job description attached before applying

We are looking for a full time person and someone who is also potentially in to work with us for the long run. Thus , we will run an interview process for a careful selection.

1) 10 Questions to be answered in written
2) Short Video Interview
3) 3-6 Months PAID Trial Phase, afterwards we decide if we continue to work together, as its in the best interest for both to make a fast decision if there is a fit.

Here are the 10 Questions, I would kindly ask you to answer if interested in the long term position.

1) Are you available to work full time?
2) How is your level of written english and spanish?
3) What are your favourite football related social media accounts and why?
4) How would you describe CeleBreak in 1 sentence to someone who has never heard of CeleBreak? ( In English and Spanish please)
5) How would you describe CeleBreak in 3 sentences to someone who has never heard of CeleBreak? ( In English and Spanish please)
6) If a client would ask you the following question per DM: Why is the cost per match per person 6€? 7) Why do I have to pay to play football? How would you answer him per DM? How would you answer in 1 sentence? how would you answer in 3 sentences ( Please answer in english and in spanish)
7) With which KPIs would you personally measure the success of Social Media activities and why?
8) Do you use some Social media tools? If yes which ones and why?
9) Could you share the best 3 posts you ever did and why you liked them the most?
10) What would be your strategy for Instagram and for Twitter for CeleBreak. Would the content strategy be similar or different? Why?

Project overview

You will be our first Social Media Marketing Hire , in general we are looking for someone to work potentially with full time on the long term. Someone who fully understands our vision, brand and can be the voice of our company

Category Sales & Marketing
Subcategory Other
Is this a project or a position? Project
Required availability Full time

Project duration: 3 - 4 months

Skills needed

Facebook Internet Marketing Marketing Twitter Copywriting Creative Writing Social Media Marketing Customer Service Instagram Graphic Design

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