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Please read this before you continue- I am looking for someone who has teaching experience and I am looking for someone to present an hourly rate not a total price.
I am looking for a Brazilian who has experience teaching Portuguese.
I am American who some consider that I speak fluent Portuguese, however I know that I speak with a number of errors which I would like to correct.

I would like learn Portuguese using a document that I have been translating from English to Portuguese. As we proceed through the document you should be able to detect written or spoken errors and make the corrections as we both read the document.

1. The main emphasis is for the person to be able to tell me what the errors are in the text and the reasons why, so that I can make the corrections.

2. A less important detail but still important, is that the person should not be afraid to correct my pronunciation as I am reading the document.

3. The subject of the document is about a treatment for alcoholism.

We will speak through Skype and share the document in Google docs. (If you have never used Google Docs I will show you how to use it)

I would like to meet for 3 hours a week for 1 hour between 9:30 and 11:30

I am looking for a hourly rate not a total price

Category: Writing & Translation
Subcategory: Other
Is this a project or a position?: Long term position
Required availability: Part time

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