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Helping Familys

Published on the July 22, 2021 in Finance & Management

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So my company's name is helping families will help the families in demand that need help with anything and everything possible with talking with donations with anything we can possible help a family with and with their going through right now We help them by talking to them if they're going through things right now because of what's going on if their kids are going through things we counsel them and we give him donations would have right get donated then I help them that keeps my business going it helps them it helps us that helps the community I just think it would be a real good thing to do right now

Project overview

So my business is about donations we get donations from all around the world from different people help us to help families keep things together like rand phone bill cable bill things that the kids need for school things that family need and we help counsel them with you know if the families are going through things that we help talk to them talk to the parent talk to the kid and that is all on donations so that's how we keep our business going is all from donations

Category Finance & Management
Subcategory Project management
Project size Small project, small team
Is this a project or a position? Project
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Delivery term: July 31, 2021

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