Part-Time Virtual Assistant Needed to support Project Manager

Método de pago: Verificado

Title: Part-Time Virtual Assistant Needed to support Project Manager

Work Time Zone: Must be available at least one hour per day, between Monday through Friday from 2PM to 6PM Argentina Time as I may need to chat with them during this time. Otherwise, flexible on the work hours as long as the work gets done. A minimum of 2 hours of work should be completed each day from Monday to Friday.

Language requirement: Fluent in written and spoken Spanish. Capable of reading and writing in English.

Daily Reporting and Accountability: Need short bullet forms of (can simply be an email or Google Doc):
* Section 1: What was completed each day – such as created 5 blog posts, created list of 100 influencers, posted to Facebook and Twitter for brand X and Y.
* Section 2: Any issues that need my help with (such as if they don’t know how to do something or encountered difficulties) or if you had any suggestions as to how to improve things to do something faster or better

Proposed compensation: Part-time 20 hours/week, paid weekly from us$ 80/week to us$ 120/week depending on skill set. Opportunity to grow in the position extending the weekly hours, responsibilities and compensation.

Daily Work Description:
* Create blog post in Wordpress – title, URL customization, YouTube embed code, post content (from myself or outsourced to a writer) (some which need hyperlinking), insert image and podcast audio/video file download path, schedule for publishing date.
* Content sourcing management and outsourced content review
* Market research to determine competitors, blogs, influencers, most searched keyword terms, and relevant products and services in the space.
* Research into what other competitors’ popular podcast/videos/blog article topics are and aggregate these so that I can create content on it.
* Create simple images using paint (or some other program you have),, or Podcast content.
* Create monthly report in Google Docs by gathering data from different sources
* Help the project manager documenting processes and keeping them updated
* Future (likely after 2 months) blog commenting.
* Future (likely after 2 months) will be email management.
* Future (likely after 2 months) – potential answering customer’s frequently asked questions through email.
* Future (likely after 4-6 months) may need to research affiliate products to promote.

Before the interview: Please send me a few links to blogs in which you have posted, created and/or curated content.

Category: Soporte Administrativo
Subcategory: Asistente virtual
Project size: Large
Is this a project or a position?: Long-term position
Required availability: Part time



Horas requeridas: 20 horas por semana




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